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November: This month we have focused on learning how to drag and drop! We learned that this takes some practice! We've played some fun dragging and dropping games on

Beginning in December, we will be introduced to coding concepts. We're going to learn about how we can use our dragging and dropping skills to write algorithms and write programs! We already know that when writing computer programs, our algorithms need to be very clear and specific- otherwise we might crash "Robot Silverman" since he only understands the commands that the humans have programmed him to learn.

October: Students have been busy learning about the parts of the computer. We even got the chance to take a look inside the "brain of the computer" also known as the CPU! We learned about how to take care of our devices properly. Most recently, we started to become acquainted with the mouse. We learned how to use the left side of the mouse to click on an object. Our next few lessons will be about dragging and dropping objects.

Pictures of the Month

Grade 1

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November: This month we have been learning all about the four things that every computer needs to work- input, output, processing, and storage.  After having the chance to take a look inside one of Mr. Silverman's old computers, we built our own paper laptops. We added a hard drive, a CPU, a GPU, and some ROM and RAM to our motherboards. We also learned about how a keyboard is organized and added the letters in the correct order. Thanks to the generosity of our PTA, students also had (or will have) a chance to work with "pop it keyboards" to build high frequency words on these fun keyboards!

October: Students learned about why we use computers and all about the different types of computers. We've also been learning about how computers work by focusing on inputs and outputs! We'll soon begin working on making our own computers by using what we'll learn about inputs, outputs, processing, and storage. 

Grade 2

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November: This month students worked on developing their mouse skills. Students participated in a "mousercise" activity in which they practiced scrolling through long documents, double clicking, among other mouse skills. Students were also introduced to the concepts of algorithms by helping to code a character named Ruby to cross a bridge and visit her friends using arrows. Students had their first taste of Grade 2 in which they practiced writing algorithms to help get their angry bird to the pig! Coming soon will be more practice writing algorithms and using persistence to debug code!

October: Grade 2 students learned that a computer is a type of machine. It doesn't have a brain like us, and it can't think or have ideas, but it can follow stored instructions and do lots of useful things. There are computers everywhere. At the doctor's, in the supermarket, even in cars. We also reviewed inputs and outputs. We've also been perfecting our mouse skills. Soon we will begin looking at algorithms and coding!

Grade 3

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November: This month we worked on strategies to help us identify keywords. We used a variety of plugged and unplugged activities to help us understand how to search the Internet more effectively.  Next month, we will begin our study of coding. 

October: Students have been learning about the importance of keeping their passwords safe and how to create strong passwords. We've recently started learning how to use keywords to help us with our research skills. 

Grade 4

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November: This month we worked on strategies to help us identify keywords. We used a variety of plugged and unplugged activities to help us understand how to search the Internet more effectively. We also have been studying IOPS- input, output, processing and storage and will be working on using Adobe's "Animate with Audio" to demonstrate what we have learned about how computers work. 

October: Online tools are empowering for kids, and they also come with big responsibilities. But do kids always know what to do when they encounter cyberbullying? Students learned appropriate ways to take action and resolve conflicts, from being upstanders to helping others in need. Students have recently been learning about using keywords to assist with their research skills. 

Grade 5

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 5th graders placing pictures as either "Computer" or "Not A Computer" 


November: This month we have been studying IOPS- input, output, processing and storage. We worked in teams to sort what we believe are examples of computers vs. things that are not computers. We will be studying each of the parts of the IOPS model in greater detail and will eventually return to our charts to confirm or revise our predictions. 

October: Students started the year with a challenge to use Adobe Express to visualize and share their creative identity. Recently students have been learning to "Be Internet Awesome" by learning how to avoid scams and what they can do if they are concerned that they have been scammed.

Grade 4 Super Digital Citizen Cartoons


Sami (4-301)


Brady (Class 3-301)


  by Abbie (Class 4-423)



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Game Room 3-5


Grade 5 Spotlight: Adobe Creative Challenge

Family Resources

The links below correspond with the material that is currently being taught in the specific grade. However, feel free to browse all of these resources as useful information is found under each heading. 

Grade K

Being a Trusted Adult 

Grade 1

Help Boost Kids’ Safety, Privacy, and Security 

Help Kids Make Friends and Interact Safely Online 

Grade 2:

Common Sense Education: Digital Family Toolkit

Grade 3

 Secure Your Secrets -- Google BIA Family Guide 

Grade 4

Help Kids Fight Cyberbullying and Other Mean Online Behavior 

Grade 5

 Don't Fall for Fake -- Google BIA Family Guide 


Looking for other languages? See the Spanish version (ver en español) or download the multilingual PDF bundle  to get these tips in Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Korean, Russian, Tagalog, Urdu, and Vietnamese from the Common Sense Media website.