Ms. Carter

What is STEAM?

  • S.T.E.A.M.  is project based, inquiry learning where students use the Engineering Design Process to solve real world  problems.

  • Students will engage in collaborative projects that are aligned to the Next Generation Science and Engineering Standards.

  • Students will plan and conduct investigations, analyze data and develop and build models to represent their solutions to problems.

  • Students will learn to work collaboratively, focusing on the importance of good teamwork.  

Ms. Carter- STEAM Teacher


My name is Marissa Carter and I have been teaching at PS 102 for 23 years! For the last 7 years, I have been teaching STEAM to students in grades K-5! This year I have the pleasure of teaching all the classes in grades 3-5 and 1 very special  2nd grade class. 

I love building and problem solving with all of the amazing young engineers at PS 102. It is so exciting to see the innovative and creative solutions they design to solve problems and complete the different challenges they are presented with!

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime with questions , concerns or just to chat about your child!

Resources for Families

  Check out these videos and resources to connect with your children and discuss what they are learning about in STEAM!  

If your child is curious about science or how things are built,  here are a few websites they can explore! Each month I will be sharing different websites for your curious engineers. If you have discovered any cool websites, please share it with me! There are so many cool resources out there.

Design Squad:

Maze Making


Newton's Laws of Motion


PBS- Science! Kids

Science Kids- Fun Science and Technology for Kids

Ask Dr. Universe


What's happening in...

  Grade 5 logo 

Students were given the challenge to transform 1 paper plate into the tallest freestanding tower! Each team was only given 1 single plate and unlimited tape. We had some pretty amazing structures- the tallest measuring over a meter high!


What's happening in...

 Grade 4 logo  Engineers learned all about the structures and functions of living things. They were asked to design a bird beak that can perform the function of retrieving  the most seeds.    Using the information they gathered from their beak investigations, students then began to plan and build their beak designs. Students are actively testing as they build and making improvements along the way!

What's happening in...

 Grade 3 logo Engineers learned all about inherited traits and created a monster offspring that had inherited traits from both monster parents! Students created a plan of  the offspring and then thought about which materials they would need to build a model. They used their plan and worked together to build the model.   When all the monster offspring were built, students went on a Monster Museum Walk  and used the challenge criteria to evaluate their peer's models and provided helpful feedback on their classmate's offspring  designs. 

What's Happening In...

 grade 2 logo 

In class 2-325, students were given the challenge to build the tallest freestanding tower with limited materials. Each team was given 20 index cards and 2 feet of tape to design and build the tallest freestanding tower.  

5th Grade at Work!

4th Grade At Work!

3rd Grade At Work!

2nd Grade At Work!

District 20 STEAM EXPO 2024!

    Students in Class 4-414 learned all about how Littlebits work. They were given the challenge to use their innovative ideas and Littlebits Technology to build an invention that could solve a classroom problem. They came up with many innovative, working devices!