Attendance Matters!  We want to see Every Student Every Day at PS 102.   If you are not in school, we miss seeing your smiling face (and even your face when you are not smiling!)   We miss the great work, humor, creativity, new ideas and joy that you bring to class each day.  We understand that sometimes you need to stay home because you are sick or have a family emergency.  Please remind your parent to contact the teacher or send in a note when you return.  If you have any other challenges in coming to school in the morning - please speak with your teacher or one of our guidance counselors.  

If you have questions about NYC Schools Health Policy visit here:

For everything you always wondered about attendance visit here:

Below are some inspirational posters created by our fifth grade students.  These are just a small sample of the great work that they did to relay that Attendance Matters!  Originals are displayed around the building and fifth grade students have been making announcements this week (Jan 12-19) 

We hope everyone gets the message!