Welcome to STEAM for Grades K to 2 at P.S. 102!


What is STEAM?

STEAM is fun, hands-on learning that accomplishes so much. Even the youngest "STEAMers" start to learn about the engineering design process. Students learn to work in teams and to ask questions, to solve problems, to experiment and to test their ideas, as well as to make improvements to their designs. Our youngest STEAM students actively learn about themselves and the world around them through lessons emphasizing Health, Science, and Sustainability. STEAM K-2 prepares students to go on to do great things in Mrs. Carter's 3-5 STEAM program as well as to go on and become healthy, critically-thinking, problem-solving global citizens. 

STEAM Spotlight

What's Happening in Kindergarten

Students learned what the letters of STEAM stand for and they were introduced to the engineering design process. Students worked on the Social Emotional Learning concepts that people can be similar and different as well as that everyone is unique. Students created sculptures of their favorite things to show what makes them unique. 

What's Happening in First Grade

First graders reviewed the engineering design process. They enjoyed Social Emotional Learning lessons that covered identifying feelings and accepting differences in others. They applied these concepts to their first build, which was a bridge that represented connecting to others despite differences. They did an amazing job asking questions, identifying problems, making plans to build their bridges, and finally building and testing their designs. 

What's Happening in 2nd Grade

Second graders reviewed the engineering design process. Students enjoyed Social Emotional Learning lessons that covered the concepts of expressing frustration and anger in healthy ways as well as that differences can enrich friendships. We read Minh Le's wonderful book, Drawn Together, and then built bridges out of straws and tape to represent the connection the characters made despite their differences. They all did a wonderful job!

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More About Ms. Stepto

With a background in Special Education (Hunter College) and Health Education (Lehman College), I am super excited to teach STEAM as well as to be P.S. 102's Sustainability Coordinator. I am most passionate about helping students improve their own health outcomes and to learn work together to make the world a better place. My favorite things to do are cooking, gardening, and yoga. I am looking forward to meeting you and working together for our P.S. 102 kids!

Resources for Parents

If you are looking for fun STEAM activities to do at home, check out these 23 Fun STEAM activities for kids. My favorite activities are the Balance Sculpture and Bath Bombs. First and second graders might really love expanding on the bridge building they have been doing in class, and build the Suspension Bridge.

To support conversations about STEAM class and school, check out these videos we watched in class:

Kindergarten: Sesame Street: What Makes You Special

First Grade: Understanding Feelings

Second Grade: Drawn Together read by Minh Le