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  • Summer Reading Program

    Please visit this DOE site to find out how to access ebooks and audio books in many languages and for all grade levels this summer.  Information is available in all DOE languages.


    PS 102 – The Bay View School
  • What will school look like in September 2020?

    Many of our parents are wondering if school will be in the building, continue to be remote or some combination of both when we reopen in September 2020. The answer is we simply don't know yet.  We are awaiting guidance from the DOE and will post this information here at www.ps102.org as soon as a plan is in place. 
    If you haven't already done so, please complete the DOE survey for families and share your thoughts by Tuesday, June 30, 2020. The survey is anonymous and should take about 7 minutes to complete. It’s available in 9 languages, and those without the ability to complete it online can do so by calling 311. Thank you in advance for taking the time to again give us your feedback: it will help us to better serve you.
    PS 102 – The Bay View School
  • End of Year Letter from Chancellor Richard Carranza

    PS 102 – The Bay View School
  • Families can access DOE technical support directly


    PS 102 – The Bay View School
  • Districe 20 CEC Survey

    This is a survey specifically for parents of District 20 about the District 20 learning experience of their children. They can fill out one per child, but they should not forget to fill out the city survey distributed by the DOE. Their responses will help shape learning in the Fall, should we continue online.  If they have any questions or concerns, they can email us at cec20@schools.nyc.gov

    Dear Parents,

    The District 20 Community Education Council (CEC) is collecting input from parents of students in District 20 schools related to remote learning to better understand the educational experiences of our students and parents. We would like to hear your thoughts and concerns about the remote learning experience. 

    If you are a parent with a child enrolled in a District 20 school, please use the link below to complete the survey by Wednesday, July 15, 2020.  This is a confidential and anonymous survey meant only for parents with children enrolled in District 20 schools.  

    Please complete one survey for each child you have enrolled in a District 20 school (i.e., if you have two children please complete the survey twice) so we can capture information about each child’s remote learning experience. This is a survey specifically focused on the learning experience of children in grades K through 8.  If you would like to provide information related to your teen’s high school experience, you can also submit a separate survey. 

    The collective results of this survey will be shared with the community, but individual surveys will remain confidential. If you would like to submit additional information or raise other concerns, you can contact the CEC directly at cec20@schools.nyc.gov

    Please share this message with other parents in District 20 so we can hear from as many voices as possible.

     English: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScS2T8ksoKDLvXWp5CIkMFewfbgOvyK-TEd3KWby1ypeHNJhA/viewform?usp=sf_link

    Thank you for your time and input,

    District 20 CEC


    Queridos padres,

    El Consejo de Educación de la Comunidad del Distrito 20 (CEC) está recolectando información de los padres de los estudiantes en las escuelas del Distrito 20 relacionadas con el aprendizaje remoto para comprender mejor las experiencias educativas de nuestros estudiantes y padres. Nos gustaría escuchar sus pensamientos y preocupaciones sobre la experiencia de aprendizaje remoto.

    Si usted es un padre con un niño inscrito en una escuela del Distrito 20, utilice el siguiente enlace para completar la encuesta antes del miércoles 15 de julio de 2020. Esta es una encuesta confidencial y anónima destinada solo a padres con niños inscritos en las escuelas del Distrito 20.

    Complete una encuesta por cada niño que se haya matriculado en una escuela del Distrito 20 (es decir, si tiene dos hijos, complete la encuesta dos veces) para que podamos capturar información sobre la experiencia de aprendizaje remoto de cada niño. Esta es una encuesta específicamente enfocada en la experiencia de aprendizaje de niños en los grados K a 8. Si desea proporcionar información relacionada con la experiencia de la escuela secundaria de su hijo adolescente, también puede enviar una encuesta por separado.

    Comparta este mensaje con otros padres en el Distrito 20 para que podamos escuchar tantas voces como sea posible.

    Español: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSek6accw6Q1RD2ZBupGJrDWFfw6WOAz6bQoEZvHOtuLAUSWHA/viewform?usp=sf_link

    Gracias por su tiempo y aporte,
    Distrito 20 CEC


    20区社区教育委员会(CEC)正在收集来自20区学校的学生家长的有关远程学习的投入,以更好地了解我们的学生和家长的教育经历。 我们想听听您对远程学习体验的想法和关注。
    请为您在第20区学校注册的每个孩子填写一份调查(即,如果您有两个孩子,请完成两次调查),以便我们获取有关每个孩子的远程学习体验的信息。 这项调查专门针对K至8年级儿童的学习经历。如果您想提供与青少年的高中经历有关的信息,还可以提交单独的调查。

    中文: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd7-93Em6DIloms6xs3fr4tTl30Cgzab7cLu06t9Z0z0333bg/viewform?usp=sf_link

    CEC 20区


    الآباء الأعزاء،
    يقوم مجلس التعليم المجتمعي للمنطقة 20 (CEC) بجمع المدخلات من أولياء أمور الطلاب في مدارس المنطقة 20 المتعلقة بالتعلم عن بُعد لفهم التجارب التعليمية لطلابنا وأولياء الأمور بشكل أفضل. نود أن نسمع أفكارك ومخاوفك حول تجربة التعلم عن بعد.
    إذا كنت والدًا ولديك طفل مسجل في مدرسة المقاطعة 20 ، فيرجى استخدام الرابط أدناه لإكمال الاستطلاع بحلول الأربعاء 15 يوليو 2020. هذا استطلاع سري ومجهول مخصص فقط للآباء والأمهات الذين لديهم أطفال مسجلين في مدارس المنطقة 20
    يُرجى إكمال استطلاع واحد لكل طفل قمت بتسجيله في مدرسة المقاطعة 20 (أي إذا كان لديك طفلان ، فيرجى إكمال الاستبيان مرتين) حتى نتمكن من التقاط معلومات حول تجربة التعلم عن بعد لكل طفل. يركز هذا الاستبيان بشكل خاص على تجربة التعلم للأطفال في الصفوف من K إلى 8. 
    إذا كنت ترغب في تقديم معلومات تتعلق بتجربة المدرسة الثانوية للمراهق ، فيمكنك أيضًا إرسال استبيان منفصل.
    يرجى مشاركة هذه الرسالة مع الآباء الآخرين في المقاطعة 20 حتى نتمكن من الاستماع إلى أكبر عدد ممكن من الأصوات.
    شكلرا لك على وقتك والمدخله،
    المنطقة 20 CEC
    PS 102 – The Bay View School
  • Letter from Chancellor on Voter Registration and Census 2020

    PS 102 – The Bay View School
  • Letter from Chancellor on Reopening in September

    Please read the attached letter from Chancellor Caranza and take a moment to follow the link and complete the survey from the letter or 

    here by Monday, June 22. The survey is anonymous and should take about 7 minutes to complete. It’s available in 9 languages at schools.nyc.gov/returntoschool2020, and those without the ability to complete it online can do so by calling 311. 

    PS 102 – The Bay View School
  • Letter from D20 Superintendent Karina Costantino

    Please read the attached letter from our D20 Superintendent. 

    PS 102 – The Bay View School
  • Important Health-Related Information for Families UPDATE- June 5

    Please read attached Chancellor's Letter dated June 5, 2020  on the below link. 

    Translations will appear by the end of the week.


    PS 102 – The Bay View School
  • Together for Justice - Please Read

    Please read the Chancellor's letter at this link.  It includes links to resources that should be helpful to your family when discussing racism, George Floyd and protests.  Translations will be available at this same link in a few days.


    PS 102 – The Bay View School
  • Complete the 2020 Census!

    As we grapple with COVID-19, completing the 2020 Census is even more important now than ever. The number of New Yorkers who are counted will determine how much funding we receive for our schools and public services over the next 10 years. City schools receive more than $781 million every year in Title one funding, based on census data. In addition, the census helps determine funding for early learn centers, in-school and afterschool youth programs, childcare programs, and other services that support our school communities. You can play an active role in ensuring an accurate count by completing the census online at my2020census.gov, or by calling 844-330-2020, and completing the survey which is open until October 31.

    PS 102 – The Bay View School
  • Food Benefits for all NYC Public School Students

    Please see the attached files on Pandemic EBT Food Benefits for all NYC Public School Students. 

    PS 102 – The Bay View School
  • Dial-a-Teacher is back!

    Dial-a-Teacher is back!  https://tutor.dialateacher.org/ 

    • What: Homework help line for students, run by classroom teachers 

    • Where: Visit tutor.dialateacher.org, fill out the form and get a call from a teacher 

    • Who: Students in kindergarten through 5th grade 

    • Hours: Monday through Thursday, 4 to 7 p.m. when school is in session 

    • Languages spoken: English 

    • Subjects available: English and math 

    PS 102 – The Bay View School
  • Wellness Wednesday

    Each week the DOE updates this page - providing resources and activities for families on a new topic in Wellness:  https://www.schools.nyc.gov/learning/programs/wellness-Wednesday-nyc

    Our guidance counselors also send out wellness activities and resources related to this theme through your child's classroom google stream. 

    Please contact us if you or your child are experiencing any difficulties and need to speak with our social worker, guidance counselors, school psychologist or any other members of our team . We are here to help! 


    PS 102 – The Bay View School
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PS 102 Farewells!


Our school office is closed for the summer.  Please check back to this web site during the last week of August when we will post a date to announce our reopening for registration.  Tentatively it would be September 8, but we are still awaiting reopening guidance from the DOE.

Documents are available on our website and include:
  • Student Registration Form
  • Emergency contact Form ("blue card")
  • Home Language Identification Survey (HLIS)
 Parents are asked to fill out the information and return the documents back via email with the following required documents:

However, we ask that you wait to return the documents in September.  We will post the email address when we post the date of reopening registration. Thank you.

Notes from Nature's Classroom @ PS 102

  • Week of June 26

    I will try to continue posting what is growing in our garden every two weeks for the summer. Thanks to our garden keepers - Chip and Kim - we have been able to document so many of the flowers as they bloom.  If you are walking by and take some good pics through the fence - please email them to melliotsheri@schools.nyc.gov with a date and I will post them here. 

    Here is a link to some free (virtual) gardening classes sponsored by GrowNYC this summer - I may see you there! 


    Nature's Classroom @ PS 102
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NYC Schools Account

Letters on signing up for access to this account are sent home in September and March each year.   You access this account at mystudent.nyc. Your child's report card will be issued in this account this year on June 29th. If you have never signed up, you should have received an email from your teacher with instructions and an account creation code by June 15th.  If you did not get this letter, likely you already have an account and should go to mystudent.nyc and try to log on. Ask for password help if you don't remember your password.  If you are still having trouble, please send an email with your child's name and class to melliotsheri@schools.nyc.gov This account also allows access to state test scores, attendance and fitness records.   A separate myschools.nyc account was created by the DOE this year for applying to middle school, high school, kindergarten, pre-K and G&T programs.  



2020-2021 Calendar

Will be posted here as soon as we receive it! 


Statement on Accessibility

We are working to make this website easier to access for people with disabilities, and will follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. If you need assistance with a page or document on our site, please contact Margaret Sheri for help (718) 748-7404 x 2323, melliotsheri@schools.nyc.gov

Contact Us

The school building is closed and our office phone number is not being answered. Please direct any questions on your child's work or well-being to your child's teacher. For all other questions, please reach out via email to our parent coordinator Margaret Sheri at melliotsheri@schools.nyc.gov who will direct your email to the appropriate staff member. 

Global Running Day and June Challenge


June 3 is Global Running Day, a worldwide celebration of running that encourages people of all ages and abilities to get moving. As part of Global Running Day, the Million Kid Run aims to get young people excited about fitness. Check out the variety of virtual ways you can celebrate this exciting day with us!

Book Share

  • Book Recommendation by Kemal 5-426

    The book, The Twits is by Roald Dahl. It is about mean Mr. and Mrs. Twit. They have 4 monkeys locked up in a cage, and the monkeys had to do everything upside down. The Twits also caught birds to be roasted in pies. Since the monkeys didn't speak English and the birds spoke English, the monkeys could not warn the birds. But one day, a bird that spoke both languages comes along and passed on the warning. So, the Twits decided to buy guns. While the Twits were away, the birds freed the monkeys and they all decided to turn the Twits upside down too! They did this by gluing everything that the Twits owned to the ceiling. This made the Twits think that if they stood in their heads, their world would "go right-side-up." But as they had been walking home, one of the birds had painted the Twits' head with glue. So when they went upside down, they got glued to the floor!
    I really like this book because it, like all Roald Dahl books, is hilarious and detailed. I would recommend this book especially for younger kids because it is easy to read and understand what's going on in the story.

    Book of the Month
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2019 International Coastal Cleanup!

On Saturday September 21st, PS 102 students and families participated in the International Coastal Cleanup at a new location - the Coney Island Parachute Jump.  Parent Coordinator, Margaret Sheri assisted our Beach Captain, Anita Raman, in organizing over 250 volunteers in the effort. Three hours were spent picking up and recording each item of litter found on the beach.  This year, volunteers were able to record data on the app "Clean Swell" you can use this app anytime to contribute to the Ocean Conservancy's database.  PS 102 has been participating in this citizen science project for the last 15 years. The information gathered leads to better solutions for packaging and legislation to help clean our oceans and shoreline.

It was an honor to have Mr. Barry Rosenthal join our clean-up and lead us in a group art project - the "trash mandala".  Mr. Rosenthal was most recently featured in National Geographic's September 2019 issue "Planet or Plastic". He creates his collections from found objects on the beach and his work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.  A link to his website: http://barryrosenthal.com/ 

Check out the great photos that Anita took and those submitted by families below! https://photos.app.goo.gl/wasQgTGKC6Rc36nj8

All students also received a certificate signed by our sponsor, The American Littoral Society.  For information on ocean pollution, the international clean-up effort and to view past results visit https://oceanconservancy.org/trash-free-seas/international-coastal-cleanup/


                                Father and son cleaning the beach  Two students holding participation certificates at the beach clean up  pi  garbage mandala art project   six students cleaning the beach  three students cleaning beach 

Cabbage Grows in Brooklyn!

For the third year in a row, we participated in the Bonnie Plant Company's Third Grade Cabbage Program.  All 3rd graders received a free mega-cabbage plant in April 2019 during a science lesson with Mrs. Willie and instructions for growing it at home as well as information on entering a contest from Ms. Sheri. The pictures below were submitted from our current 4th graders who participated this  year.  In mid-September a class by class survey showed that 28% of our cabbages were still alive and well.  Some cabbages were enjoyed by the family earlier in the season, a few by squirrels or other animals, and many were under-watered during summer vacation or over-watered when they first got home.  Thank you to all the students who submitted photos! These students will receive a certificate and small prize from the Garden Group.  Mia in class 4-425 submitted the largest healthy cabbage photo and is our school winner!  Six students (who had a contest-appropriate photo) were entered in the national contest and may be picked by lottery for the New York State prize! If so they will be notified in December.  The company awards  a $1000 prize to a randomly chosen cabbage entry per state. 

Thank you Mia, Maggie, Sam, Katelyn, Zoey, Caitlin, Doria, Amira, Hei Tung, Anna  and Michelle! 

 Mia and her cabbage plant   Maggie and her cabbage plant    Sam and his cabbage plant   Katelyn and her cabbage    Zoey and her cabbage plant   Caitlin's cabbage    Doria's cabbage  Amira's cabbage plant   Hei Tung and her cabbage plant         Anna's cabbage    Michelle and her cabbage plant