Physical Education

Grades K-2 (Jan-Feb)

Happy New Year!  It's Soccer time!  We've been working on controlling the soccer ball with our feet, starting in place and then moving around the gym.  Our K-2 students are practicing how to dribble and stop the ball while  moving through open space.  Next up will be passing and shooting.  

Grades 3-5 (Jan-Feb)

It's a New Year, new sport. Our 3-5 students are participating in our version of "Soccer Driving School".  Using various driving related cues our students are working on ball control using only their feet.  Students practice dribbling, passing, switching directions and finding open space.  Next we'll move on to shooting and then modified games. 

Grades K-2 (Nov-Dec)

Our K-2 students are introduced to new  warm up and cool down exercises each month so they can continue to build their strength and endurance.  They  have also been practicing their underhand and overhand throwing skills.  They are working on aim, force and accuracy.  They are challenged to practice their skills by playing exciting throwing games  such as "Hula Hoop Knock Out" and "Clean up Your Room"

Grades 3-5 (Nov-Dec)

Our upper grades have completed most of their fitness assessments and have moved on to more sport related skills. In addition to throwing and catching, they are learning the basics for invasion games, which includes understanding the concepts of offense and defense.  This will culminate in one of our favorite games called "Castle Ball".  

Grades K-2 (Oct-Nov)

In addition to health related fitness, our students are working on a variety of object control skills including tossing, throwing and catching.  Students are developing hand eye coordination using small objects such as bean bags. They are also working on sharing equipment, taking turns and being good sports.

Grade 3-5 (Oct-Nov)

Our students continue to work on their cardiovascular endurance while performing exercises that help develop strength in each of the major muscle groups. They are learning how to "modify" the exercises so they can get stronger and feel successful. Our next two Fitnessgram assessments will measure abdominal  and upper body strength. Don't forget to practice at home!

Grades K-2 (Sept-Oct)

Our students are having a great time in the gym working on fitness and  locomotor movements.  On most PE days you can find them running, skipping, jumping, sliding, galloping and marching around the gym.  We use fun songs for every movement and they are learning to explore both  personal and shared space. 

Grades 3-5 (Sept-Oct)

Our upper grades are working very hard practicing for their upcoming Fitnessgram Assessments.  With the  PACER test up first, they are doing lots of running so they can build  their cardiovascular endurance.  Up next the pushup and curl up assessment.  They are getting stronger and stronger every day!

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